Customer cases

Tobii Pro has partnered with businesses, organizations, and market researchers around the world to study attention and behavior using eye tracking.

Here you can learn more about how we brought our eye tracking research expertise and tools to each challenge.

Tobii Pro Eye tracking in Education webinar event

Case Studies: Scientific Research

Discover how eye tracking has been used by scientists and researchers around the world to enhance their understanding of human behavior. Common areas of application include psychology and neuroscience, infant and child development, and clinical research.

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A couple carrying bags in a shopping mall.

Case Studies: Marketing Research and UX

Explore how eye tracking has been used by our customers to enhance their marketing research and add value to their business. Key areas of application include advertising and packaging design as well as user experience and shopper research.

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Tobii pro Glasses 2 eye tracker is used in manufacturing industry to improve training and safery

Case Studies: Industry and Human Performance

See how eye tracking has been used by businesses around the world to improve processes, enhance training, and increase productivity and safety. Eye tracking delivers valuable insights into human performance, processes, and the environment by revealing how tasks are carried out from the perspective of those completing them.

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