Applications for eye tracking

Eye tracking solutions can be used in a myriad of areas, with the possibilities growing by the day. Choose your field of application and discover how eye tracking will help you achieve your objectives by delivering deeper insights into human behavior.

Focus on a baby blue eye

Scientific Research

Use eye tracking to deepen your understanding of human behavior and create new frontiers in fields such as psychology and neuroscience, infant and child development, clinical research, and more.

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Man looking at packaging information

Marketing and User Research

Eye tracking allows you to see things from the perspective of consumers. Whether you’re examining product placement, packaging design, advertising, or user experience, eye tracking accurately reveals what grabs attention, what influences purchase behavior, and how consumers engage with your product.

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Worker inspecting a production line

Industry and Human Performance

Eye tracking gives you a deeper understanding of how your workplace functions and how staff operate within it, allowing you to make changes to the way things are done and continually optimize your processes. For highly skilled professions, eye tracking provides the opportunity to capture insight on how individuals perform their work and clearly illustrate it to others.

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Another field of application?

Do you have other ideas or areas where you would like to use eye tracking? Perhaps in other disciplines than the fields of applications above? Please contact us to discuss your field of use. We would be happy to help!

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