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Get help securing research funding

We understand how important it is to secure funding for your research project, which is why we want to help you increase the chance of receiving a positive decision on your application. A key component to receiving a good outcome is articulating the value that eye tracking brings to your research, which is why we offer a support service to help you in this process – Tobii Pro’s Funding Support Services.

What is the Funding Support Services?

Funding Support Services is designed to assist researchers, who are looking to integrate eye tracking into their methodology, with their applications for grant funding.

We can help by providing:

  • letter of support for your research proposal
  • individualized budget justification for Tobii Pro solutions
  • feedback on the eye tracking components of the funding proposal
  • tailored Tobii Pro eye tracking references
  • consultation on data analysis and interpretation


Watch the video for more information about our Funding and Support services.

Research funding support by Tobii Pro

Are you eligible?

We aim to assist all researchers who send us applications for review, but first there are some things to consider investigating and including in your document before submitting a request to our program.

  • Funding source: Research your funding body and carefully read their instructions, evaluation criteria, take note of deadlines and who will be reading and reviewing your application.
  • Value eye tracking in your research: It’s important to be specific with your research objectives and applied methodology. If your proposal is too vague or wide-reaching it may not stand a good chance of being approved. Illustrate how eye tracking will bring value to your research and why it may be a good option combined with or in place of other methodologies.
  • Preliminary results: It’s helpful to include material that supports your proof of concept such as, data from a pilot experiment, preprint, or recent publication.

We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible to give us ample time to review and ideally no later than 3-4 weeks prior to the deadline. However, if this is not possible, please still reach out and we will try our best to see how we can help.

“I am very new to eye tracking, so I didn’t know much about the data outcomes. Funding Support Services helped me understand and narrow down the required outcomes, which was critical for me as a researcher new to this field.”

Dr. Diana Kelm, M.D., Mayo Clinic Rochester Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care


Watch our webinar

In this webinar, we share tips and tricks to help you gain funding including the specific eye tracking terminology to incorporate into your proposals.

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Articles and other resources

For further information about eye tracking, how to incorporate it into your research as well as how to apply for funding support, please read our informative articles.

“Funding Support Services by Tobii Pro was absolutely instrumental in helping me to obtain funding for my work on cognitive development.”

Dr. Koleen McCrink, Ph.D., Barnard College, NY

Our research scientists are here to help

Tobii Pro employee Marisa Bondi

Marisa Biondi is a Senior Research Scientist at Tobii Pro and manages the Funding Support Services program in North America. This position allows her to help build an eye tracking community, through partnerships with researchers hoping to implement eye tracking in their work, or by supporting existing customers in acquiring knowledge or additional grants. Dr. Biondi has a Ph.D. in Psychological & Brain Sciences from Texas A&M University and used fNIRS and eye tracking to study the functional organization of the developing human brain.

Tobii Pro Research Scientist Sheila Achermann

Sheila Achermann is a research scientist at Tobii Pro where she helps researchers secure funding for their eye tracking projects and serves as a subject-matter expert on eye tracking methodology and analysis. In addition, she holds a PhD in Psychology, investigating neurodevelopmental conditions in a joint project between Uppsala University and Karolinska Institute. Her research addresses questions in developmental neuroscience using automated technology, including eye tracking and motion capture systems.

Tobii Pro employee Dennis Triantafyllidis

Dennis Triantafyllidis is a research scientist at Tobii Pro, where he assists researchers in their grant funding applications and provides consultancy on eye tracking projects. In addition, he has previously been involved with eye tracking diagnostic support services and training delivery. His academic background is on the fields of Computer Science and Engineering, with an interest in the hardware-efficient implementation of stream ciphers and the transmission of data streams through RFID technology.

“Tobii’s service was extremely helpful in securing grant funding. Tobii provided us with a quote for the equipment we wanted to purchase with the grant and letter of support detailing how they could support our purchasing and use of the equipment. Having this information was very valuable to show that our project methods could be carried out within our proposed budget.”

Kathrin Maki, Assistant Professor of School Psychology, University of Florida – Online Learning Institute

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