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Succeet21 is a new trade show format for the insights industry. A hybrid virtual exhibition with interesting presentations and meeting concepts which connect providers with users of services from the field of insights, data, and analytics.






At Tobii Pro we know that companies are always on the lookout for a competitive edge when it comes to consumer insights, so we will focus on how implicit methods are changing the game across industries. From emotional analysis to eye tracking, these tools help you to uniquely understand customer behavior so you can develop, test, and market your products in the most effective way possible.

It's easy and free of charge to attend the trade show and our presentation. First register for the trade show, then sign up to secure your spot at our presentation.

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Our presentation

April 14th - 09.40-10.10 CET

Join us for our presentation talk where we will focus on some of Tobii Pro’s latest steps in the field of behavioral analysis, especially where these make capturing consumer attention and emotion more accessible. Head of sales Jon Ward will hold the presentation and describe these exciting new developments, as well as how implicit methods are adapting to the demands of a new research landscape.

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Our virtual booth

April 14th-16th - 09:00 to 18:00 CET

Once you have finished watching our presentation, why not take a stroll through our virtual booth? You’ll be able to talk with us directly, interact with our videos, visit different areas of our site, and learn more about what Tobii Pro has to offer.

You’ll even have a chance to win 1 month of free eye tracking!

Event presenter

Tobii Pro Employee - Jon Ward - VP of EMEA Sales

Jon Ward
VP of Sales EMEA at Tobii Pro