Understanding the customer journey through eye tracking


Eye tracking is a powerful method to gain insights into visual attention and consumer behavior; helping you deliver a better customer experience.

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Eye tracking is a powerful tool which can be beneficial for various industries and situations. Whether you want to improve customer experience in an airport, train station or shopping mall; eye tracking allows you to see things from your customer’s perspective so you can make better business-critical decisions.

In conjunction with Munich Airport, Tobii Pro ran an eye tracking study to better understand and improve wayfinding inside the facility. In this webinar, Erik Siwkowski, Senior Research consultant at Tobii Pro, will guide you through this case study and share knowledge on:

  • What actionable insights you can expect to get from an eye tracking study
  • How to map the customer journey and identify areas of improvement
  • How to use attention data in combination with existing data sources
  • Other insights and tips from wayfinding studies conducted with eye tracking

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