Eye tracking the user experience in and outside the lab


Eye tracking gives you a perspective that no other method can deliver; and that’s the one that belongs to the user. By using an eye tracking based UX testing tool, you can get unique insights into the way in which people engage with different devices.

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Technology is rapidly changing the way brands interact with consumers. Their journey is now much more complex, combining the use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and the physical world. This is a challenge for businesses, as creating and maintaining a high-performing user experience across multiple touchpoints is not easy.

During this webinar, we will introduce eye tracking as a tool to better understand and improve how users interact with different devices.
Join us to learn:

  • The benefits of combining eye tracking with other UX methods
  • How to perform eye tracking on mobile devices in and outside of the lab
  • What type of insights and deliveries you can expect from eye tracking
  • Tips when conducting usability testing with eye tracking

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