Laptop with Tobii Pro Lab software on the screen

Tobii Pro Lab tutorial:
Analyzing Tobii Pro Glasses 3 Recordings

Webinar details

45 mins



Webinar information

In this part of the webinar series, we'll introduce a glasses project with recordings from our Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Tobii Pro Lab supports the entire research workflow, including:

  • Video import & replay
  • Assisted & manual gaze mapping
  • Drawing areas of interest (AOIs), coding events, and creating custom times of interest (cTOIs)
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and export

The tutorial is approx. 30 mins long and followed by Q&A session where all participants got a chance to chat with the experts, starting 34 mins into the video.

Event speakers

Dr. Marisa Biondi
PhD., Senior Research Scientist, Tobii

Thomas Gaudy
Product Owner, Tobii

Carsten Gondorf
Global Product Manager, Tobii