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Application of eye tracking technology in Intensive Care Units

Naturalistic Evaluation of Nurses’ Mental Workload

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Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are characterized by high stress, workload, and continuous background noises from ICU technologies such as ventilators. While most ICU nursing studies explore workload with self-reported instruments, the emergence of cutting-edge technologies has provided a unique opportunity to conduct naturalistic studies in ICUs. Dr. Ahmadi presents the application of eye-tracking technology in the naturalistic evaluation of nurses' workload; we employed various eye movements metrics to examine the mental workload of nurses during day and night shifts as well as handoff periods.

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Dr. Nima Ahmadi is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Outcomes Research, Houston Methodist. He earned a Ph.D. in Engineering Management from Western New England University. His primary area of focus is human factors engineering. He contributed to the development of an iPad-based training program to enhance teen drivers’ hazard perception skills and designed a gaze-based training intervention for general aviation student pilots using a flight simulator and eye-tracking device. Currently, Dr. Ahmadi is exploring triggers of stress and workload in ICUs and designing an intervention to improve medical compliance among African American breast cancer patients.