Tobii Pro Glasses 2 used on a construction site

Application of eye tracking

Assessing hazard perception on
a Scottish construction site

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17 minutes



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The presentation provides a context of the project outlining our experimental set-up, eye-tracking measures and analysis, and future research directions. Eye-gaze was used as a proxy measure for gauging workers' attention to hazards when viewing scenes of construction sights. Their viewing strategies and perception level were assessed in the context of their experience, roles, and training when viewing different construction site scenarios.

Event speakers

Mohamed Abdel-Wahab is a Senior Lecturer in Construction Engineering. He has 10+ years' experience in applied research projects supporting the digital transformation of the construction industry for enhancing training and practice. Projects include VR for Health and Safety training, Motion-sensing (IoT) for occupational health management, Mixed Reality for construction training, and developing digital workflows for the repair and maintenance sector.

Graham Scott is a cyberpsychologist. His research interests' centers around the utilization of social media and include online impression formation, perceptions of cyberbullying, and online employability. He is currently leading an international ERASMUS+ project to develop an app to track and enhance student employability. He is also an expert in eye tracking methodology and has implemented this in the areas of cyberpsychology, reading, and health and safety.