Tobii Pro Lab assisted mapping webinar

Assisted mapping
in Tobii Pro Lab

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10 minutes



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Wearable eye tracking devices such as Tobii Pro Glasses 3 produce eye gaze data mapped to a coordinate system relative to the wearable eye tracker and the recorded video. For most statistical/numerical analysis to be meaningful, the collected eye tracking data needs to be mapped on to objects of interest and into a new coordinate system with its origin fixed in the environment around the participant. Tobii Pro Lab addresses this challenge by allowing the user to map gaze data onto still images (snapshots and screenshots) of the environments and target objects. The mapping can be done either entirely manually, or in an assisted way by using the assisted mapping function. Learn more about how you can analyze data from wearable eye trackers using Tobii Pro Lab, by watching this presentation.

Event speaker

Thomas Gaudy
Product Owner at Tobii Pro