Man using an eye tracker on a laptop to test a student

Insights into autism research with eye tracking


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60 min



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How can eye tracking bring autism research forward? What do you need to know about eye tracking before starting your first study? What are best practices?

In this panel discussion, research experts from Stanford School of Medicine, Uppsala University, and Karolinska Institute shared their experiences with the unique insights eye tracking provides in the field of autism and answered audience questions.

Dr. Sheila Achermann
Ph.D. in Psychology
Global Manager Education Services,

Dr. Monica Siqueiros
Postdoctoral researcher,
Stanford School of Medicine
M.Sc. in developmental psychopathology and medical Ph.D.

Maja Rudling
Ph.D. student in developmental psychology, 
Uppsala University

Anna Maria Portugal
Developmental neuroscientist, 
Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University