Tobii Pro products Fusion, Spectrum and Glasses 3

Celebrating 20 years
of revolutionizing
eye tracking research
and technology

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49 minutes



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This webinar, in conjunction with ETRA 2021, presents Tobii Pro's innovative solutions for conducting research within computer-based tasks and through wearable applications. We discuss the newest options in our portfolio, from hardware, software features & functionality, services, and partnerships with biometrics for data integration.

We provide a special review of our two metrics tests: laboratory-based metrics, and a first of its kind extensive accuracy and precision field metrics test. The field test spanned over 400 participants, 2 countries, and contained numerous participant variables like eye color, eye shape, and vision correction. Our field testing is a complementary report to our laboratory metrics tests.

Event speaker

Dr. Marisa Biondi
Ph.D. in Psychological & Brain Sciences
Tobii Pro Senior Research Scientist & Research Funding Manager