Automated forklift

Intelligent eye tracking
based support systems
for mobile robotics
and beyond

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16 minutes



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In this presentation Achim Lilienthal will discuss how the Mobile Robot & Olfaction lab at Örebro University envision and study the use of wearable eye tracking for improved safety and efficiency in applications where mobile robots (for example autonomous forklifts in logistics applications) operate in a space shared with humans. Since the use of wearable eye tracking glasses poses similar challenges in other fields, he will also mention research efforts in other domains, as well.

Event speaker

Achim J. Lilienthal  is professor of Computer Science and head of the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction (MRO) Lab at Örebro University, Sweden. His core research interest is perception systems in unconstrained, dynamic environments. Typically based on approaches that leverage domain knowledge and Artificial Intelligence, his research work addresses mobile robot olfaction, rich 3D perception, navigation of autonomous transport robots, human-robot interaction, and mathematics education research.