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Eye tracking in industry 4.0: Solving 20+ real problems with little disruption

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38 Minutes



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A presentation by the expert Russell Watkins in which he discusses how to improve industrial processes, and how eye tracking helps solve problems and reduce production time.

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Russell Watkins is the co-founder of Sempai®, assisting organizations seeking to improve their business performance. He has held lean methodology, materials and operations positions within the automotive, aerospace, and construction equipment sectors. Russell's lean work has taken him to showrooms and boardrooms across the US, China, India, Japan, and South America. He has served as a consultant to the Toyota group for 10 years, created the JCB Production System and established Lean Academies for global manufacturers' businesses valued at two billion dollars.

In addition, he is running a digital start-up focused on lean skills, while helping manufacturers identify and support Industry 4.0 opportunities. Russell is the author of "Adventures in Leanland" and has also acted as a panelist and award judge.