Child in front of Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker

Understanding child psychology with eye tracking

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2h 55min



Webinar information

Together with the Leipzig Research Center for Early Child Development in Germany we present this webinar where experts will talk about how they use eye tracking for developmental, clinical and educational-psychology with infants and children.

Times of the speakers:

3:08 min | The systematic study of pupil dilation: An early ontogeny perspective | Robert Hepach, PhD.

35:00 min | Assessing visual processing of information in children with social anxiety disorder in laboratory and natural settings | Julian Schmitz, PhD.

65:14 min | Eye tracking in developmental research - using Tobii Pro's solutions | Marisa Biondi, PhD.,

109:30 min | Pupilb dilation as an indicator of mental effort in monolingual and bilingual children | Susanne Enke, M.Sc.

136:34 min | Longitudinal eye tracking studies in infancy, how changing preferences impact stability | Gustaf Gredebäck, PhD.

164:08 min | Q&A with all speakers

Event speakers

Julian Schmitz
PhD., Professor of clinical child and adolescent psychology, University of Leipzig

Robert Hepach
PhD., Associate professor and Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, New College in Oxford

Marisa Biondi
PhD., Senior Research Scientist, Tobii Pro

Susanne Enke
M.Sc., Doctoral researcher, University of Leipzig

Gustaf Gredebäck
PhD., Professor in Developmental Psychology, Uppsala Child and Baby Lab, Uppsala University