Motion capture system - Vicon and Qualisys
Combine Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with motion capture systems and study the links between attention and movement. Read more
Tobii Pro Chin Rest
A solution to hold a participant’s head in place when conducting eye tracking experiments with screen-based eye trackers; Tobii Pro Spectrum and Pro Fusion. Read more
Glasses 3 with IR Blocking safety lenses
This accessory package contains two lenses, clear and tinted, to protect Tobii Pro Glasses 3 from damage in challenging situations and to support research in bright environments. Read more
Tobii Pro Glasses 3 corrective lenses
Snap-on corrective lenses for Tobii Pro Glasses 3 catering to people who wear prescription lenses. Read more
Tobii Pro Mobile Testing Accessory
A mobile device mounting solution for conducting eye tracking tests with the Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker. The Mobile Testing Accessory is compatible with most smartphones and certain handheld devices. Read more
Shimmer GSR
GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin, which provides a measure of psychological arousal. Integrated with Tobii Pro Lab for the synchronized recording of GSR data and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers. Read more
tobiipro cedrus stimtracker
Device by Cedrus® for synchronizing stimuli events with eye tracking data from the Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker and physiological data with real-time temporal precision. Read more
tobiipro tripod stand for x3-120
Solution for mounting the Tobii Pro Fusion or Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker on a tripod. Read more