Mobile Testing Accessory

A mobile device mounting solution for conducting eye tracking tests with the Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker. The Mobile Testing Accessory is compatible with most smartphones and certain handheld devices.


Woman and a man running an eye tracking test using a mobile testing accessory

Run eye tracking based user experience tests on mobile devices

The Mobile Testing Accessory is suitable for research or usability tests where you want to understand how people interact with various elements of the user interface on a mobile device, such as when they’re using a mobile website or app. This is particularly useful when assessing the functionality of a design, the effectiveness of mobile advertising, or the perception of branding. This accessory is used in conjunction with the Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker which provides high-quality eye tracking data and allows you to run both qualitative and quantitative studies. All data collected can be easily analyzed using Tobii Pro Lab software providing a complete research solution.

Woman using a mobile testing device

The perfect tool for UX testing on mobile devices

The Mobile Testing Accessory holds the mobile devices and eye tracker in place, while allowing the test participant to interact with the device in a normal way. The base keeps the setup securely in place, while the adjustable arm lets you position the device to suit the participant’s grip.

The configuration of the device holder ensures optimal positioning of the eye tracker in relation to the mobile device and keeps both securely in place, so the quality of the eye tracking data is maintained. Magnetic mounting brackets and sticky pads make it easy to detach the eye tracker and to switch between different mobile devices. The accessory can be used with both Apple and Android smartphones that support mirroring through HDMI.

Woman at a computer using an eye tracker

Get a detailed analysis of interaction on small screens

The screen capture device connects directly to various types of mobile devices that support screen mirroring without the need to download or install anything. The screen capture device will record an HD video of the mobile device’s screen at 60 frames per second with a latency of only 10 milliseconds. Tobii Pro Lab software can be used to analyze the eye tracking data and create visualizations.

Parts & Construction

parts of the mobile testing accessory

The Mobile Testing Accessory makes mobile device testing easy by providing a complete research solution when combined with the Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker and Tobii Pro Lab software. The Mobile Testing Accessory package consists of:

  1. Device holder
  2. Mounting arm
  3. Magnetic plate
  4. Additional mounting plate
  5. Extra eye tracker mounting brackets
  6. Female 3/8” to Female ¼” connection
  7. Base
  8. Sticky pads
  9. iPhone to HDMI cable
  10. USB Type-C to HDMI cable
  11. Screen capture

Learn and Support

Video Demonstration

Run eye tracking based user experience tests on mobile devices with our new Mobile Testing Accessory.

Check out this video for a quick demonstration on how to:

  • Assemble the accessory
  • Set up the device in the Eye Tracker Manager
  • Calibrate and record using the accessory
  • Leverage the analysis features in Tobii Pro Lab

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