Tripod Stand

Solution for mounting the Tobii Pro Fusion or Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker on a tripod.


Mounting solution for tripods

The package contains brackets to mount the Tobii Pro Nano or Tobii Pro Fusion eye trackers directly on a tripod. This is ideal in test situations where the subject is sitting at a table in front of a larger monitor or with displays over 19 inches (16:9) (Pro Nano) or 25 inches (16:9) (Pro Fusion and Pro X3-120). Our solution is also useful in scene camera setups to study physical objects and social interactions between people.

The Tobii Pro X3-120 screen based eye tracker mounted on a Tripod Stand

Parts & Construction

A Tripod Stand package for the Tobii Pro X3-120 screen based eye tracker.

The package contains the following parts:

  • Manfrotto tripod
  • Tobii Pro mounting plate
  • TESA power strips
  • Digital angle meter
  • Measuring tape

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